First blog post

I just started to set up this site, so there will be much more to come! above is my latest painting of a gray cat bird 11″ x 14″.

I guess I should introduce myself, My name is Ken Everett, I’ve been a artist for all of my adult life. I started painting with watercolors in high school and have never stopped, I’ve also painted some acrylics and oils but I always come back to my first love watercolors.  For over thirty years I’ve been painting nature and wildlife of New England. When I was a kid there was no cable or internet and we spent most of our time in the outdoors. in the small town of Hubbardston where I grew up there is a few ponds and streams and woods, a lot of woods, so that is were we spent most of our time. Not many of the kids I got in trouble with I hung out with had traditions of hunting in their family’s but we were all fisherman from an early age.  I think the first time I went fishing was with my brother Tom, we walked a few miles to Brigham pond and fished off the bridge. The only thing I remember is he caught a huge sucker or horn pout, I forget and I was amazed. Maybe it wasn’t huge but at that age it was. I think I was in first or second grade at the time. I’ve been hooked ever since. Yeah I know, bad joke, not to worry i’m not good at telling jokes so I don’t. OK I try. Anyway, I spent a lot of my early life outdoors and when I started painting I thought I should paint what I know, what interest me. So now thirty years later I know a bit more, I’m still interested and I’m still painting, most of all I’d like to share some of that with you through my paintings. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom; you have to start somewhere or you wont get anywhere. I think I read that on a bumper sticker? idk

Here is my start.

Thanks, Ken


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